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"Learning by doing"
Be the developer
With this book you will not just read - you must also do. Throughout the book you write every single code and add every single detail on your own project on your own pc. When done, you have a professional product created by your own bare hands; a template for future projects.
Realistic development work
Relevant, realistic web development project
Our goal was to avoid irrelevant "hello world" examples out of thin air just to illustrate theoretical points. The development work in this book is instead built around a realistic project that could have been taken straight out of the real world.

We have therefore invented the story about the imaginary restaurant Eos Café, whom you will be developing a proressional website for. Every code and every page has relevance and influence on the final result.
Highly pedagogical
Speaks to everyone
Colourful text book, written in a fresh language as the "voice in your head", as were you a professional web developer. No technical prerequisites needed, perfect for upcoming, eager developers and for self-study. Feel how you take the role of the developer, and a website comes to life page by page.
For the beginner and intermediate
Level and target audience
Made for the beginner or intermediate html-and-css developer. No technical prerequisites needed. The book brings the reader past the introductory developing level, and prepares him or her for exploration into the possiblities of the coding languages in future projects with fundamental understanding of and training in their usage, rules, content and structure.
Factual and thorough
Html & css, the two fundamental coding languages

Thorough introduction to the coding languages html and css - the two fundamental languages for web development with their elements, attributes, properties and selectors from which any website on the internet is built.

The book provides fundamental training and theory in typical web development work in these languages. It contains an abundance of fact boxes as well as look-up tables and the like for your overview, and it inspires towards further study on you own.

Worked-through content
Chapter overview

Chapter 1Preparation

Chapter 1 prepares tools (browser, text document), file system, planning with sitemap and wireframe etc.

Chapter 2Structure (introducing html)

In chapter 2, the first html codes are written and the skeleton of the website is created. Involves elements, attributes, doctype, block behaviour etc.

Chapter 3Layout (introducing css)

In chapter 3, the page starts looking good and the first css codes are written. Involves properties, selectors, file connections, colours, floats, the box model with sizes and spacing etc.

Chapters 4-7Page header, side menu, page footer and content

Chapters 4-7 create the different physical parts of the website (page header and footer, side menu and content area) and involves images, positioning, text control and formatting, hover effects and pseudo-classes, lists, collapsing margins, tables, links and link control, family hierarchies, external and internal css etc.

Chapter 8More pages and final touch

In chapter 8, sub pages are added and the website is finalised. Involves classes, page control and navigation, pseudo-selectors, anchors and bookmarks etc.

Chapter 9Advanced features

Chapter 9 gives a brief outlook into more complex features of the two coding languages that are not used in the book, such as forms, meta elements, simple animation, flex boxes and grids for structuring etc.

Chapter 10Upload and online

Chapter 10 gives a brief outlook into the remaining step before the finished website comes out on the internet, and describes domains, web hotels, servers etc.

The book starts out with a motivation as well as an introduction into the story of the project, and ends with an appendix with code overviews in tabular form for look-up.
Perfect for class teaching in schools and courses
A text book for the educator
Categorically structured into 8 separate main chapters, each handling a critical block or other part of the website that is being developed. Perfect for use in class teaching for training and exercises in fundamental IT development skills and understanding for the students on a relevant, motivating project. In English and Danish.

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